Thursday, February 18, 2010

Safe to use Kilz primer before painting when pregnant?

I am 20 weeks pregnant and want to get started on the nursery soon but need to use Kilz primer before painting the walls. I myself will not be painting but will be in the house while it is being done. Is it safe to use, with the room having good ventilation?Safe to use Kilz primer before painting when pregnant?
You'll be fine if there's plenty of ventilation...just try not to spend that much time in that room because the smell is there and it might turn your there's still a ittle of the fumes in there. just stay clear of the room and you'll be fineSafe to use Kilz primer before painting when pregnant?
There is a kilz original and a kilz 2..the original is oil based with toxic solvents/fumes that could be very nauseating to you...the kilz 2 is water based and has no such solvents.....Kilz 2 isn't worth the money if you are killing stains..but as a primer is ok..only the original will kill stains..If you are simply priming to paint, and have no stains to block out..dont even use kilz..simply use a cheap latex flat pva paint...(painters vinyl acrylic)...It will work well as a primer, and is all you need to seal new drywall....Then apply the finish paint..whether be satin,eggshell,semi gloss etc over is a good trick..if you are painting a colored wall..have the store mix the flat latex for primer 50% to 75% of the color formula of the top coat paint...Do not mix 100% on the primer for the bases of the paints are different....and it may come out darker than the finish paint..You want the primer lighter..and will insure a good coverage..
Just take some simple precuations.

Stay away from the fumes... keep out of the room for a few days and vent the area.. You'll be fine. Prolonged exposure to the fumes and chemicals might be a problem... but just a quick painting will be ok.
Kilz has toluene in it, a chemical known to cause birth defects. Make sure you go nowhere near the room as it is painted. Also, as long as you can smell it, it is outgassing, and you don't want to breath the fumes. I think it is o.k. to stay in the house, but if you start smelling it, just take a jaunt to Barnes and Nobles and relax in the cafe, =-) Make sure the house is totally aired out before you return.

Good Luck!

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